Thursday, November 24, 2011


Salam and Hello all.

It has certainly been a busy week for Mokcik. So many things and issues to be resolved arising at the same time. All need urgent attention and when this kind of situation arose, one little mistake can trigger a 'tsunami' ayoooo...

However, am happy to report that things were under control and i can once more quietly have my nasi goreng kampung in my room this morning..

Friday morning in the office can either be a hectic one or a quiet one, depending on the cases which are fixed on the following week. If there are important and high profile cases to be heard next week, then Mokcik will be busy in a discussion with my colleagues. If there are just normal, routine cases, then once in a while, the officers under my supervision will come and discuss their strategies with me. Otherwise, am left peacefully, perusing through my own files..

Sama tak serupa..

Usually, on friday, the boss will call us in a meeting whereby we can discuss our problem and cases with him.  I remembered many moons ago (borrowing Lee's expression hahaha), we were having such discussion. The issue raised were, whether we want to proceed to charge one particular accused. Discussion sometimes can be quite embarrassing for some junior officer, especially the still single one, if the case at hand is a rape case...hahaha *wink*

Boss:   OKT ni dah tua. Umur 70 tahun. Disyaki merogol cucunya berumur 13 tahun. Haishhh...boleh lagi ker??  Hah Mokcik, what do you think?

Mokcik : [Aik aku pula yang kena..tanya lah file officer ...dalam hati jer la..hahhaa]  Any evidence of penetration Datuk?

File officer:  [a young lady officer, dengan muka merah hehehe] ..Err... pemeriksaan doktor menunjukkan ada eerr... err... fresh tear at 3 and 6 o'clock. ..ehemm  ... Impotent test has been carried out and he was able to have errr..errr... to have ehemm..err..

Mokcik:  Datuk.. men no pause, Datuk..

Boss:  A'a..betul jugak ya.. itulah yang masalah tu. So, how, nak charge ker tak?

Everybody in the room:  CHARGE, Datuk!!!

I Loikeee...
Do you notice that sometimes, an innocent statement  can be interpreted in a different meaning? 

One fine morning in our kafeteria..

Lady:  Dik, boleh tolong akak tak?

Guy:  Boleh kak..tolong apa kak?

Lady: akak nak minta tolong sikit nie. Jom masuk ke bilik belakang..

Guy:  [pausing for a while]  Jangan kak, saya bujang lagi nie...

Lady: Woii..aku nak minta tolong engkau angkat kotak jer laaa...

Everybody within earshot laugh hahahaha...

My two girls .. berposing di hadapan mural hasil kerja tangan cik abe.

Because one particular Judge refused to grant us an adjournment, somebody has to work on monday, a public holiday for us, unfortunately not for a few states... sighhh.... being a good obedient wife...oopsss...obedient officer, terpaksa rela menerima tugasan hehehee... ok ...need to go make preparation now...  

Ok.. have a nice weekend all...


  1. kih.kih..kih kelakar la bila baca....mcm2 la azwa ni..
    cantikknyer lukisan tuu.creative org yg melukisnya
    mekasih yer for the wishes tempohari

  2. Azwa,ni reading in between the lines and trying to comprehend the your own words,being a good obedient wife .... TERLEPAS sikit macam apa tu lah yang Uncle jadi demo volunteer/penasihat seumur hidup punya club tu lah ahahahahahahahaha kut2 ada perasaan tersembunyi nak jadi member ahahahahaha,tapi fikir2 pulak tak kan kut ni nanti Azwa team up gan Sweet Marie,kan jadi kecoh,huru hara tempat kelab main tennis tu nanti ahahahahahahah, nanti semua masuk menghadap hakim pulak ahahahaha terus jadi boria pulau pinang ahahaha,joke joke ya Azwa lepaskan stress and tension,no offence meant ahahaha,bila bercakap gan orang law ni mesti qualify the statement takuuuuut liable ahahaha.regards and Salam from Uncle AL.

  3. hamboih2...jom masok bilik belakang katanya.. lawak betol la mokcik nih. hahahhaaa. entah la dunia hari ni macam2 kejadian yang tak terpikir boleh berlaku depan mata. apapon, have a nice weekend even if you have to work on that day. Peace!!!!!!.

  4. Azwa, cantiknya mural tu... Kreatif che abe...

  5. salam akak..

    cantiknye mural tu..

    hehheh..kdg2 ape yg kite ckp tersalah tafsir..hehhe