Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Salam and Hello kenkawan.

I thought like there is nothing interesting to write here anymore. And the fact that it is so much easier FB-ing certainly contributed to my so malas-to-update-blog attitude of late. After i read Lee's comment in my last posting, i realised that there is actually a lot of stories to be told from our experience. The only difference is that how we want it to be written, which part we wanna share and which part we wanna keep to our ownself.

*on my way to Miri*

So, though this story is considered 'basi' already, but i would like still to write about my trip to Miri last two weeks or more.. i cant remember. Let me check my diary first...good to keep diary, right Lee? Well, i flew to Miri via MAS on sunday, 14th March at around 1 pm. Reached Miri two and a half hours after that. I stayed at Imperial Hotel. Thank God it is attached to a Mall so after checking in, settling down segala, i went down jalan-jalan cari makan in the Mall.

Let's the pictures do the talking ya.

*To gauge how basi is this story, juz look at this paper that i was reading to pass the time*

*The food was nice. Got ice cream too..haagen Daas lagik*

*View from my room..swimming pool...wahh*

*My dinner that nite. From Sugar Bun..for the price of one, get two dishes...chicken and fish n chips*

* another view from my room*

*Naturally i chose this room...nice view, big bed hahaha padahal tido sensorang saja pun*

*The second bedroom...this apartment memang disediakan untuk orang-orang Brunei yang akan datang mengunjungi Miri setiap hujung minggu...very comfy this apartment. Sayang datang sensorang huhuhu*

*Ruang tamu. What i like the most, ada iron dalam bilik ni...yes! i hate hotels with ironing room...malasnya nak keluar pi iron baju. Big tv juga and got VCD player yeahaaa... [tak guna pun] *

*the kitchen. i bought food for breakfast siap2 and kept it in the freezer. The next morning i juz heated it up using the microwave.*

*Dining table pun ada. Very roomy and cheap too...only RM217 pernite for this room*

* The next day leaving for KLIA...bye-bye Miri see u next month*

Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Salam Satu Malaysia semua....

Baru sahaja melawat blog seorang blogger nie yang agak femes gak di alam blogger ini. Kalau korang suka baca cerita tentang hiburan [sekali sekala sebagai hiburan bila boring2] terutama tentang Akademi Fantasia yang masuk musim ke 8 haa..pasti pernah la dengar nama blogger itteww...awww...[bagus punya hint hahahha]

Anyway, blogger ini mengatakan sejak dua menjak ini beliau dah malas nak buka laptop, pc, notebook segala. Alasannya sebab sekarang ni ralit dengan blackberry! [Kenapa tiba-tiba mokcik terasa pulak errkkk....] Menurutnya lagi sampai dah jahanam [ oopss...minta mahap...] blackberry kepunyaannya itteww.

Mokcik pun sejak dua tiga menjak nie memang agak bencinta sikit nak open notebook. Bawa notebook bila pi outstation sahaja. PC memang kena open gak la sebab nak buat kerja kan. Setakat ini blogging tidak dikawal, tapi telah dinasihatkan agar berhati2 dalam segala tutur kata, maklum la kita ni kan kerja gomen. FB di pejabat memang dilarang sama sekali uolss. Dengan adanya blackberry, mudahlah kalau nak berFBing semata-mata dan menyemak emel masuk. Kalau nak berblogging tu memang bencinta sungguh la guna blackberry ni....laju lagi sang kura-kura...huhuhu

Tapi mokcik belum la mahu bersara dari dunia blogging ini. Cuma kurang sikit la aktiviti tu buat masa ini...banyak fail2 yang perlu mokcik selesaikan dulu. Tapi mokcik boleh dijumpai di FB hehehehe...ok itu sajork ler yang mokcik nak coretkan kali ini. Ada banyak idea, tapi, keinginan untuk menulis kurang buat masa ini....mohon ampun.

Nak habiskan membaca novel yang dibeli di Pesta Buku...kerja sambilan bila penat memerah otak menelaah fail2 hehehehee....

Untuk kalian semua...have a nice day, gumbira selalu dan selamat beramal [bunyi macam Ustaz Izzi pulak dah...hahahha]

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Salam semua kenkawan.

Pagi tadi dalam perjalanan ke tempat kerja, mokcik dengar saluran Suria.Fm. My favourite morning station..semenjak ada gandingan Halim Othman dan Zizie! Pagi ini topik mereka adalah Berapakah harga date pertama atau berapa harga date sehingga berjaya memikat wanita idaman or something like that.

Zizie said campur tolak first date dalam buat mokcik tergelak..kata mereka agak mahal bagi seorang student, tapi tidak bagi seorang penyampai radio seperti Zizie, kata Halim hahahha.

Mokcik cuma terkejut bila mendengar seorang pendengar ini mengatakan pada first date bekas teman lelakinya menyerahkan buku banknya yang mengandungi wang sebanyak RM6000! What the .....! Pada mokcik, mokcik tak kagum dengan lelaki seperti ini, can give flowers, perfumes but your bank book?? Doesnt their mother teach them anything? Or so desperate to get a girlfriend sampai sanggup buat fikir la sendiri. Jangan sampai kena saman RM2 juta sudah lah ya. Jangan pulak kalau putus hubungan, minta bayar balik duit tu. Sapa suruh engkau serahkan dulu. Nasib baik dalam citer pendengar ni tadi, dia bagi balik buku bank tu tanpa mengusik duit dalamnya bila mereka putus hubungan.

Dan pada gadis-gadis pulak..jangan sampai mahkota anda jadi harga date pertama anda. Whatever it is, save the best for last. Anyone who wanna learn a lesson on love should visit Uncle Lee's blog (promote jangan tak promote...jangan maree Lee ye nanti kena jual hahaha).

I remembered my late Dad advise to me ...."Be careful with men. Men are only after one thing. Men was born between the leg of a woman, that's why they spend their whole life trying to get in back" Hahahaha...

Anyway, do not lose faith in men though. There are still lots of good men out there.

Going to Ipoh today...wish me safe journey ...have a nice day all....byeeee

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Salam dan salam sejahtera semua.

Lamanya mokcik tak update ya (walaupun kat FB agak aktif jugak hehehe). Eversince mokcik came back from Miri , mokcik took three days leave and another one yesterday. Wah...tu break record tu, coz I normally rarely take leave. I used to spare my 30 days leave at the end of the year so that i can go back to my hometown to be with mom for at least three weeks. Anyway, this time, i wanna be with my family in KT. Will be going back to KK next month though and already set to go back in June for my little sister's wedding, insyaAllah.

So many things on mind right now, will write about it later. Now i have to prepare report that was long overdue to my boss hehehe...till then, have a nice day all...ceria ceria selalu.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Salam semua...

Mokcik agak sibuk menelaah fail. Have to fly to Miri next sunday. Will be there till tuesday.

Ada bisikan-bisikan sepoi sepoi bahasa yang kini bertiup agak kencang bahawa mokcik akan kena transfer lagi...argghhhh. Tidak jauh, dalam kawasan sama, cuma unit bertukar.. Cik abe pula tiba-tiba mengubah fikiran, menunjukkan minat untuk kembali ke Perak. Twice i rejected the offer by the management to be transferred there, by now boss said the offer is closed hhuhuhu.

Have to sit down and have a long and heat to heat oooppsss.....heart to heart discussion with hubby...*wink*

Will be back later..have to take care of the Miri trip now...have a nice day all....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua kenkawan.

Yesterday was a long day for mokcik. However, i was partly to blame for it too. We arrived at the court house early, 8.30 am to be exact. I was wondering, why at 9 am the court room was not full as usual. When we checked, then only we realised that the notice sent clearly stated 9.30 am...selalunya macam gitu la. If you come early, they'll start late. If you come in late, they'll start 9 o'clock on the dot huhuhuhuh..

I happened to know the officer in charge and inquired what number was our case listed.

She asked, "why puan, you want to be called first?"

"Oh no, i want to watch first. "

"See how the mood first ya? maybe somewhere in the middle?"

"Ok, fine with me. Thanks." turns out that there were two cases which were supposed to be called after ours, requested to be called early. They were not ready and asking for adjournment. The corum sitting yesterday was also very accommodating. In fact, a little bit too lenient, if i may be permitted to say so. Needless to say, we ended up being the second last...and since after us, there was only one case left, we stayed back to watch.

As i said earlier, the men sitting up there are being particularly nice and they give everybody a chance to be heard. After the last case, our suspicion was confirmed. Not even one case was given leave to appeal. And the losing applicants were all ordered to pay RM5K as costs. Well every winning respondents, except us...

After listening patiently to the applicants, i was asked to respond.

"Yes, tell us why your side refused to accept the unclaimed moneys?"

" My Lords....bla bla bla.."

"So, what's the venue open to them?"

"I believe My Lords, there are provision under bla bla bla.."

To the applicants, "Why dont you look into the provision as suggest by the respondents. Go back and try to settle this amicably. Dont waste our time. How long do you need?"

"Come back within three months. If it cant be settled then we'll deal with it. Be serious in your effort to settle."

*Sigh*...I thought we are gonna get our RM5K costs already ....

After the hearing until this morning, i still have no appetite to eat. It's like, everything that i put into my mouth wanted to come out...urgghhh...and the iced coffee bought from this particular stall leave a bad taste in my mouth too..

After all have been said and done, i am thankful to HIM above. He heard my prayer, i guess. Though the case is not settle yet, but we didnt get scolded, well, a bit, which is normal hahahha.. The most important thing is that they do not embarassed you in front of all the audience. They didnt allow even one leave application, but they did it in a very nice way and that was enough for all of us. Thank you Allah.

Have a nice day all. Better get ready to go to work hahaha..

Monday, March 1, 2010


gambar kit kat, kredit kepada en. google
Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua.

Mokcik sedang membaca, meneliti, memahami dan merangka strategi untuk esok. Argghhh...

Will deal with all the comments in previous posting later ya. Mean time...have a nice and be good uolss..