Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Salam and Hello kenkawan.

I thought like there is nothing interesting to write here anymore. And the fact that it is so much easier FB-ing certainly contributed to my so malas-to-update-blog attitude of late. After i read Lee's comment in my last posting, i realised that there is actually a lot of stories to be told from our experience. The only difference is that how we want it to be written, which part we wanna share and which part we wanna keep to our ownself.

*on my way to Miri*

So, though this story is considered 'basi' already, but i would like still to write about my trip to Miri last two weeks or more.. i cant remember. Let me check my diary first...good to keep diary, right Lee? Well, i flew to Miri via MAS on sunday, 14th March at around 1 pm. Reached Miri two and a half hours after that. I stayed at Imperial Hotel. Thank God it is attached to a Mall so after checking in, settling down segala, i went down jalan-jalan cari makan in the Mall.

Let's the pictures do the talking ya.

*To gauge how basi is this story, juz look at this paper that i was reading to pass the time*

*The food was nice. Got ice cream too..haagen Daas lagik*

*View from my room..swimming pool...wahh*

*My dinner that nite. From Sugar Bun..for the price of one, get two dishes...chicken and fish n chips*

* another view from my room*

*Naturally i chose this room...nice view, big bed hahaha padahal tido sensorang saja pun*

*The second bedroom...this apartment memang disediakan untuk orang-orang Brunei yang akan datang mengunjungi Miri setiap hujung minggu...very comfy this apartment. Sayang datang sensorang huhuhu*

*Ruang tamu. What i like the most, ada iron dalam bilik ni...yes! i hate hotels with ironing room...malasnya nak keluar pi iron baju. Big tv juga and got VCD player yeahaaa... [tak guna pun] *

*the kitchen. i bought food for breakfast siap2 and kept it in the freezer. The next morning i juz heated it up using the microwave.*

*Dining table pun ada. Very roomy and cheap too...only RM217 pernite for this room*

* The next day leaving for KLIA...bye-bye Miri see u next month*

Have a nice day everyone.


  1. bilik besar duduk sensorang je rugi hehe

  2. Zino,

    nak buat camno hehehe..len kali nak pilih bilik yang ada washing machine pulak hahaha

  3. p/s sejak bila pulak everything kena klik dua kali ni...geram tol la... i mean nak posting komen ni, kena klik dua kali baru dia on sedangkan pasword tu dah betul dah. Ke pc mokcik ni jer yang cenggitu?

  4. Hi Mokcik Azawa, Itu la dia! I enjoyed being on the flight with you.
    Better than reading about babies first tooth, cannot go on potty, don't want to eat lunch, or husband run off with maid, ARHAAAAA HA HA.

    I am sure you ada lagi interesting cheritas.
    You first romance? The boyfriend you threw out?
    Your MIL complain about your sambal belachan? Ha ha....see, ada cheritas.

    By the way, if free, drop by around noon, your time.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  5. Thanks Lee.. wah dah berzaman baru terjawab komen nie.. Memang betul kata2 Lee tu. Sebenarnya ada sahaja benda yang kita boleh buat atau jadikan cerita. Terpulang pada kreativiti masing2..