Saturday, January 28, 2012


Salam kenkawan.

A brief updates. Juz come back from one week leave. Today have to come to office to check things in the office. Tomorrow am flying, again... and next week am going for a five days trip to Jakarta-Puncak-Bandung with friends. 

Hendak terbang kemana kita?

Have a nice weekend everybody..

Friday, January 20, 2012


Salam semua kenkawan.

Sangat lega. Tugasan yang telah  diamanahkan berjaya dilunaskan dengan sangat berjaya sekali. Thanks to my sidekick who have helped me a great deal in preparing the submission and the bundle of authorities.

I rewarded myself with Nasi Ayam and Coconut Shake at Rasa Food Court...heaven..still early..about 11.45 am. The food court is not crowded, thus  i can enjoy my food peacefully.

After my early lunch, i went to pick up my photo...need to be taken to get a new passport. The old one, i misplaced! tsk..tsk.. Luckily for Mokcik, the old passport already expired! Therefore, I was spared the torture of having to  lodge a police report..phewww...

I found out that the procedure in Bahagian Passport Putrajaya for lost/misplaced expired passport are as follows:

1.  Fill in form IM.42 - Pin.1/97 which you can download from the Immigration Website.

2.  Go get your latest pic ( tell the photographer you want a passport sized pic). I went to Foto Kem Alamanda and it was ready within 20 minutes. Cost me RM15.00 for 6 pieces of pics.

3. Arrive early at the Bahagian Passport Putrajaya at Presint 15. Failure to do so will render you have to wait the whole day there.

4.  In the website it said, one must must bring a copy of all documents needed such as original and 2 copies of I.C, Birth Cert. and proof of travelling details (i.e. tickets). however, when i reached there the officer did not even have a look at it. He was only concerned about Form IM.42 - Pin. 1/97. you must fill it in first before taking the number, otherwise you might get a a 'leteran' from the officer in charge. Make sure your latest pics are already glued to the form too.

5.  It is always helpful if you have friends working with the Immigration Department. Make your life easier and you can have your passport ready in less than two hours!

My brand new passport! Syukur alhamdulillah semuanya dipermudahkan.. Dont forget to smile and say thank you to the people who help you...It will make their day *wink*

Mokcik will be going back to kampung during the long weekend... really looking forward to spend time with my eldest son who is schooling there.

For those celebrating the CNY, here's wishing you a very happy Gong Xi Fa Cai and have a nice weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hello friends..

havent been able to update lately.

Will be back pronto when work is done.

Meanwhile, take care all... and have a nice day..

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Dear All,

Mokcik is now in the office. Mokcik have to work on the first day of 2012. ..huhuhuhu ...An urgent matter came up on friday. Late afternoon last friday.. and since am the only officer available that day, so mokcik got this appointment to attend Court on the 2.1.2012 somewhere in Johor. Why la Johor tak cuti tahun baru..alahaiii.

Anyway,  Mokcik took this as a challenge and am here in the office preparing my papers. Hope there will not be too many "Objections" tomorrow as Lee used to say and hope that things will go my way, InsyaAllah.

So, here's wishing everyone a very joyous and wonderful New Year ahead... daaa.....