Sunday, June 17, 2012


Salam semua kenkawan

Lama Mokcik tak update.

Been busy lately. Was forced to attend a 4 days course, which was broken into 2 series. As a result i missed my brother in law's wedding in Kota Bharu. Hubby and children all went back to KT except my third son who is going to sit for his PMR this year stayed back coz he was having extra classes during the last school holiday. 

Coconut shake..dunno whether it is good or bad for the BP but am enjoying it anyway..

the course was actually not that bad, it was just the timing and the expectation that comes with it that makes us all so tense. By the fourth day, i was so stressed up, my bp actually shoot up the doctor immediately asked me to go to the hospital. And i got myself warded for two days! After taking medication,my bp turun la doctor benarkan i keluar ward, but i have to go to the nearest clinic to monitor my bp, every day! Hiayooo...,..

the good news is that my bp have been normal for the past two weeks after being discharged from hospital.

While i was still on MC after being discharged, one of the officer under my supervision sms-ed me.." Puan, saya kena transfer, effective 15.6.2012".  Aduhhh...lemahnya. dah la he got transferred without pengganti. And being one of the asset in my Unit, he is really going to be missed. So for the past one week, been busy making arrangement for the other officer to take over his cases.

So, that's how i ended up in my office at this sunday afternoon. Trying to finish my submission for next tuesday case in Kota Kinabalu. However, am not complaining coz, having a case there mean that i got chance to see my, see, am smiling and very motivated to finish my submission hehehe...

Gate to mom's house

okay all...have a nice weekend everybody..wish me luck ya..