Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua kenkawan.

Yesterday was a long day for mokcik. However, i was partly to blame for it too. We arrived at the court house early, 8.30 am to be exact. I was wondering, why at 9 am the court room was not full as usual. When we checked, then only we realised that the notice sent clearly stated 9.30 am...selalunya macam gitu la. If you come early, they'll start late. If you come in late, they'll start 9 o'clock on the dot huhuhuhuh..

I happened to know the officer in charge and inquired what number was our case listed.

She asked, "why puan, you want to be called first?"

"Oh no, i want to watch first. "

"See how the mood first ya? maybe somewhere in the middle?"

"Ok, fine with me. Thanks." turns out that there were two cases which were supposed to be called after ours, requested to be called early. They were not ready and asking for adjournment. The corum sitting yesterday was also very accommodating. In fact, a little bit too lenient, if i may be permitted to say so. Needless to say, we ended up being the second last...and since after us, there was only one case left, we stayed back to watch.

As i said earlier, the men sitting up there are being particularly nice and they give everybody a chance to be heard. After the last case, our suspicion was confirmed. Not even one case was given leave to appeal. And the losing applicants were all ordered to pay RM5K as costs. Well every winning respondents, except us...

After listening patiently to the applicants, i was asked to respond.

"Yes, tell us why your side refused to accept the unclaimed moneys?"

" My Lords....bla bla bla.."

"So, what's the venue open to them?"

"I believe My Lords, there are provision under bla bla bla.."

To the applicants, "Why dont you look into the provision as suggest by the respondents. Go back and try to settle this amicably. Dont waste our time. How long do you need?"

"Come back within three months. If it cant be settled then we'll deal with it. Be serious in your effort to settle."

*Sigh*...I thought we are gonna get our RM5K costs already ....

After the hearing until this morning, i still have no appetite to eat. It's like, everything that i put into my mouth wanted to come out...urgghhh...and the iced coffee bought from this particular stall leave a bad taste in my mouth too..

After all have been said and done, i am thankful to HIM above. He heard my prayer, i guess. Though the case is not settle yet, but we didnt get scolded, well, a bit, which is normal hahahha.. The most important thing is that they do not embarassed you in front of all the audience. They didnt allow even one leave application, but they did it in a very nice way and that was enough for all of us. Thank you Allah.

Have a nice day all. Better get ready to go to work hahaha..


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  2. bab2 citer mahkamah ni..mmg blur sikit. apa kata mokcik buat n3 berkenaan mahkamah..nak tahu juga.

    * siapa yg boleh masuk
    * berapa kes dikendali dlm satu bilik mahkamah.

  3. betol la.. kadang2 perjalanan yg kita dah rancangtak berjalan seperti yg kita jangka. kalo dah jangka pon hujung2 mesti ada sikit terpeleot. saya kadang2 selalu je rasa menjadi manga..mangsa keadaan..mangsa persoalan, mangsa perbuatan, mangsa pemandangan.. tensen! cool..minum abc special dulu kasi sejuk.

  4. macam cik saya kata tu, tak semuanya akan berjalan lancar

    sometime we really had a tough time, rasa macam serba tak kena, tapi percayalah semuanya ada hikmah kan

    have fun mak cik, take it easy!

  5. kena bukak kamus masa baca entry nie ...

  6. Hi Mokcik Azawa, not sure what was your problem, but hope everything turns out well for you.

    I once went to court here over a parking ticket offence.
    I had parked my car at a mall and rushed out off the mall parking to help a woman lying on the grass beside the road, her small baby by her side...
    I was given a parking ticke.

    Even though it was for $35.00 I refused to pay as I went to help a woman.

    In court I explained to the judge and case dismissed.....I saved $35.00.
    BUT! On the way out, my wife noticed a store banner, buy one second one half price.
    Apa lagi! It was a designer shoe store clearance sale.

    I had saved $35 dollars but lost $175 to a shoe store! Terok la, next time I will not let my wife follow me, or cheaper pay the fine, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  7. Aik..apsal delete comment??


    Nanti la mokcik buat satu entry on this..boring la citer pasal mahkamah huhuhu

  8. Saya,

    betoiii ...mokcik sokong tu. kita hanya mampu merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan pengakhirannya. special satuuuu

  9. Ummi,

    Yup...sometimes we might not get what we want. sometimes Allah gives but in different form. Sebaiknya kita bersangka baik dengan Allah dan bersabar dengan segala dugaan yang diberikan.

  10. PB,

    mokcik buat entry pun kadang2 kena buka kamus jugak...biasa la tu...hehehhe

  11. Lee,

    My problem is, my job is to solve other people problem with the law. From my experience, most of the officers (especially their bosses)dont listen to their Legal Adviser's advice. When the have problem then only they come running to us for help...huhuhu

    Your story reminds me of a Judge's remark..."dont be mechanical". those person issuing tickets should consider why you did as you did.

    i remember one time a person was charged with driving vehicle with expired road tax. His reason, he has to help a neighbour who's sick to go to the hospital. I only gave him a small fine..

    paying those fine is unneccessary, buying those shoes is a neccessity hahahah...if you dont buy, you might end up sleeping on the couch that night hahaha