Monday, May 25, 2009


Well, i must say i was glad that mama and Hadi are with me. If not my weekend could have been a very lonely and long one. On friday, when i usually is hurrying to go to the erl station, i was on my way to The Palace of Golden Horses for a meeting. Well... i was lost. My only guide is Seri Kembangan. I actually took a wrong lane, and ended up in a very busy road. Being adventurous, i went on driving until i saw The Mines Resort. When i went in, it was the wrong hotel huhuhu. Then i stopped and asked a taxi driver which way is the PGH. Am grateful that he showed me the way and off i went until i met a toll plaza, as per instruction i have to make a u -turn. Well...this mokcik miss the route and istead of going up to make a u-turn, i went on. Adoii...i drove on till i saw an opportunity to make a u-turn and around 4 pm i finally arrived at PGH!
I went into the lobby and whom i met...the bosses...on their way home already harharhar...i arrived when the meeting is over ihikss...None of them have any idea that i was actually just arrived...they thought i was in the meeting.. :)
I called my old friend from Sabah who oso came for the meeting. She was so amazed by the best offer that the PGH gave to our office that she decided to book a room. I went up to her room and found out that she was with another friend of us who came all the way from Sarawak.'s like a reunion thingy...we talked and gossiped and laughed...ate all the fruits and chocolates that was sent to us. We actually have a good time together and i forgot to go back before Maghrib...hahaha...
My friend said.."no need to go back la...stay the nite here. It's not like everyday we can stay at this price here in the PGH.." Wah...dah la, i came all the way only sehelai sepinggang tau. Anyway the other friend from Sarawak decided to go back to her hometown. After prayer, my friend and i ordered dinner. Nasi ayam for her, and i tried the special kampung style fried rice. Sambil maman, we talked and talked. Just as we finished our dinner, i received a phone call from another friend who was in the middle of the annual dinner of our office association.
"Puan..where are u? Hey..there's a lot of empty tables...come down to the ballroom and join us."
"Whatt...we have just taken our dinner. And we are certainly not properly dress for the dinner!"
"Aiyah...never mind la...just come down and we can have a chit chat..we are just starting with the third course."
Tanpa apa-apa perancangan untuk attend dinner malam itu, dan dah ler mokcik dengan baju pejabat sedari pagi tadi...kami turun ke ballroom untuk join dinner. Memang banyak table kosong. Suasana ballroom yang agak gelap menyebabkan kami tak malu2 untuk menuju ke meja rakan yang menunggu tadi hahaha...kalau terang benderang, sedap macam mana pun makanan dinner malam itu kami memang tak akan tergamak masuk ke dewan hehehe...sapa tak segan...all the bosses are there...and no tickets somemore.
Well...we have a very memorable night in PGH hahaha...sampai lupa nak klik klik ambil gambar.
The next day, i went back home to Precint 16 and found out that going back is actually very easy. Sokojap saja i dah sampai rumah. Another friend is oredi waiting at home...huhuhu...this is the one who graciously let me stay the night at her home when i couldnt find a hotel after a meeting with the big boss last month. We chit chat for a while and after she went back, i decided to take Hadi upstairs and take a nap.
Around 2 something, i received sms from PB. last ada juga peluang untuk bertemu dengan PB dan anak2 daranya hehehe... I came with my mama and Hadi. Lebihkurang sejam juga la bergeder2 dengan PB. Rasa seronok time kita bergeder2 lagik PB ek...thanks sudi jumpa mokcik. Masa nak ke Alamanda, ada sms Zar...member tengah buat manicure katanya...jeles mokcik. It's been ages since i last buat manicure...huhuhuhu. Tak per len kali kita set date pulak Zar ek.
Ahadnya...terima sms Irfa yang juga berada di Alamanda. Tapi tak dapat jumpa hari tu atas sebab2 yang tidak dapat dielakkan hehehehe...takper Irfa, tak jumpa kat sana, kita jumpa kat KLIA...mokcik banyak trip all over Malaysia nie huhuhu. Lagipun bila dah kayo sikit dah aim nak minta pertolongan Irfa..seperti beg and perfumes hehehehe...
Itu la citer wiken mokcik kat Putrajaya..


  1. kalau ke sg bagi tau ye nak juga jumpa mokcik:)

  2. hehehee..jgn serik dtg putrajaya

  3. Mokcik...hujung minggu yang happening...bersama Hadi...mama...dan PB...hehehe...

  4. azwa, nak join jugak hari tu, tapi zar dah half done kat manicure tu.. kang tangan makcik sebelah aje yang berseri seri.. hehheh

    next time kita geder kat Seri kembangan ler mokcik.. kat sini macam macam ada.. dekat aje.. 10 minit from alamanda. Manicure, facial, lulur, sauna even massage.. semua boleh..

    and, kalau nak direction ke mana mana from Putrajaya.. don not hesitate to hello hello, InsyaAllah boleh bantu bagi direction