Thursday, February 6, 2014


Salam and selamat sejahtera kenkawan.

Hope all are well. Forgive this mokcik for being unable to update my pondok soonest.  Been busy attending meetings, catching deadlines and balik kampung!

The week before Chinese New Year, our office was broken into. Must have been inside job coz no apparent evidence of any broken windows nor doors were found. All doors to each floor usually will be locked and only the Polis bantuan at the security counter hold the keys. These thieves obviously were only looking for money for all the laptops were left untouched. Only money were missing. I curse the robbers or thieves or whatever they were called! They made our life difficult. The aftermath of the incident saw that security been tighten in the office and we have to lock our room even if we need to go to the toilet! The basement door is lock exactly at 6.30 pm, now. This is very troublesome to us coz we parked our car at the basement. The more troublesome it will be if one has to carry our James Bond bag with us, coz now we have to use the stairs to go to the basement..

Being so used to going back late, yesterday i absentmindedly entered the lift and pressed B1 to go to the basement. I was quite taken aback when the lift refused to open when it reached B1. I quickly pressed 1 and the lift went up to First floor. The door opened, and i quickly went out. I entered the second lift and pressed B1..same thing happened. Trying to compose myself, i pressed 3 and the lift went up to the Third Floor. I went out and was about to enter the third lift when suddenly a colleague of mine came out of the lift. Confused, he said " I thought i pressed B1". I said, "Yes, i have tried these two lifts but it wouldn't open at B1!". "Let's try this on.", he said. He was carrying with him the James Bond bag.

Once again, it happened! the door refused to open at B1. Both of us looked at each other, perplexed. Suddenly my colleauge look at his watch and said, " i remembered, the basement door is locked after 6.30 pm!"  Haiyaaaa...

I pressed 1 and the lift went up. Both of us went out of the lift and used the stairs. I tak apa sebab jalan berlenggang tak bawa beg. My colleague la kesian, coz he has to angkat his James Bond bag turun tangga!
Memang menyusahkan, but we have to live with it!

Ok..itu sahaja update kali ini..wishing all of you a wonderful day!


  1. lor kesiannya sis!
    eh sesekali takper kot, kasi pecah lemak sama dia!

  2. heheh sis Q..memang banyak lemak pon nak dibakar nie..huhuhu..

  3. Why the lift lock at that time. Mesti ada sebab tu Azwa. Kalau tak mana mungkin maintenance dia setting waktu macam itu.

    Dptlah exercise sikit ye:)

    1. Salam Kakzakie,
      Sejak kejadian pecah masuk tempohari, memang maintenance dah set lift tu otomatik lock selepas jam 6.30 ptg. Nak keluar kena ikut lobi (pak guard) dan turun tangga ke basement. Nak exercise, biasa2kan balik lepas 6.30 hehehe

  4. sy penah naik lift dr tgkat 1 smpi tgkat 16 masa peknen
    sbb dah malam, redah jugalah
    nak patah balik dr cheras ke nilai dah penat sgt