Monday, July 5, 2010


Salam kenkawan.

As usual, when you are fasting, your appetite play tricks on you. For some unexplained reasons, last week our breaking fast feast were Nasi Arab. We went to Mr. Kabab & Briyani. This restaurant is located near Mydin at precint 14. I ordered Mendy Rice with chicken...RM10 plus hot lemon tea...RM12 ++. The chicken portion was big. Ooppss...i forgot to ask for the thigh portion. They served me the breast and wing portion...memang confirm tak habis! The lemon tea was nice know it was real lemon and not from the can one.

here let's the pictures speak for themselves...

I sat facing the entrance coz both other girls wanted to watch the football match hehehe..

The interior decoration...

My order...Chicken with Mendy Rice

Hot lemon tea

This one, chicken tandoori...someone doesnt like it, but i found the bread quite nice eaten with the mayonaise...ada masam2 sikit hehehe

Aa..Grilled fish...rupa macam ikan tilapia. Kecik sajork, but expensive la juga... RM15..

Dapur Mr. Kabab

The next day, still on eating Nasi Arab mood especially after reading all the rave reviews for the restoran, we went to Saba' Restoran at Cyberjaya. We arrived before 7 pm. It was crowded but still okay..especially since i oredi book prior to coming. By 7.30 though, you have to wait to be seated...huhuhu

My friend ordered Lamb Kabsah...Next time should try the hanith ... as suggested by Zar and another friend of mokcik. Nice to be eaten while still hot. After a while, the fat begin to show ...kena sejuk membeku la lemak2 tu hehehe

My Chicken Kabsah...the chicken under the nasi hehehe...

niece chose chicken kebab...ermnnn...her comment...nasi thumbs up, kebab thumbs down!

If you prefer your nasi to be eaten with gravy...Saba is not the place for you. You still can get the gravy at the expense of RM10 for a small bowl though. Akhir kata....nothing beats Penang Briyani....yummyyy.... hehehe


  1. azwa..nanti datang la seremban..cuba seremban punya pulak..mana tau kan..kot sedap pulak...

  2. Kak Erna..nanti akak jadi guidenya boleh hehehe...

  3. Mokcik...akak pernah makan kat Saba Cyberjaya...memang sedap...

  4. uwwaaa..lapar.. saya pon pernah pegi saba tu.. makan nasi apa ntah tapi kabing. sedap la lembut. tapi portion memang besar. mr. kabab mokcik tu siap bagi cili hijau..katanya kalo nak pedas gigitlah cii itu ye? hehehe...

  5. azwa
    for lamb hanith try saba.. much better dari precint 15 tu. Ya the same restaurant zar makan mandy lamb tu.. very nice deco but the dishes so so aje..