Tuesday, July 27, 2010



After nearly two, no i think 3 weeks, we finally finished our final submission last friday at 12.30 pm. I was stressed!

Firstly, on the verge of deadline for submitting our submission, we have not receive the other side submission. That's mean we only have two instead of three weeks to reply.

Secondly, the day i was suppose to sit down and do the submission together with the counsel from LHDN, that was the day i was ordered to be transferred to another unit with immediate effect. I have to move out of my room then to the present one and to prepare all those Nota Serah Tugas..ayoyoo..

Thirdly, for some unknown reason, i was unable to think like a lawyer! I was miserable and i missed my family terribly! There were times, when I just want to shout to the world, "i cant live like this anymore!" . To further add salt to the wound, my hubby reported, all children did not do well in their mid-year school tests. The eldest one, who was the teacher favourite student to excel in the up coming PMR, dropped from "A" to "C"!

I feel guilty to them ( the children). Last two weeks, all i want to be is to be a mother, doing what mother suppose to do...stay at home and take care of their children welfare!

Fourthly, I could not concentrate on the submission. Every few minutes, one officer after another will knocked on my door asking for instruction and guidance. I cannot simply refuse to assisst them...am their head and am expected to solve their problems! And i have to think fast and be fast learner too, coz this is a new field for me though i have dealt with same matters more than eight years ago!

Nevertheless, we (the LHDN officer and i) managed to finish and submit our submission on friday. Upon submitting, i found out some major mistakes and points that did not really make sense in my submission. I quickly called the relevant officer in charge and told her i will revamp my submission and replaced the one filed friday with a new one on monday.

Still, my head refuse to cooperate with me. Remind me of my lecturer comment one day when i was not participating in class during tutorial. "You are not being articulate today" He said. Well, that is exactly what i felt last week. I was unable to think and put my points in the best possible way.

It was only on sunday after spending the whole day with Hadi that things begin to improved. I started to reread and rewrote my whole submission at 11 pm. I normally would not start doing work, until hubby and all the children went to sleep. Hubby will be offended if i do. This time, i told him that i have to finish my submission coz i have to re file it by monday morning. Hubby said, "dont stay up too late." I just smiled to him coz i can foresee, it will take the whole night.

So, from 11 pm till 5.30 am, i did what i have been trying to do for the past three weeks. Ideas and words came to me effortlessly ( chewwahh...statement macam angkat bakul masuk sendiri...ehhh....masuk bakul angkat sendiri...confirm tak boleh angkat punya hahahaha). By 5.30 am, I sent the final revamped submission through email to my colleague in Sabah, who will print it out and prepare the bundles and file it on my behalf. Thank you dear. Jasa mu dikenang.

After sending off hubby and children to school, mokcik joined Hadi (who's still soundly asleep) . The moment my head touched the pillow, straight away mokcik goes to dreamland and woke up only when the phone rang. Tengok jam, it's nearly 9 am! And Hadi still asleep too! My head still feel so light, like i could fly away somewhere, but could not sleep. I decided to cook simple brunch. And it' s always like that..the day you just want to rest, that was when every body wanted to see and speak to you. [oh, forgot to mention, i took leave that monday.] I was lazy-ing on the sofa, nearly going to dream land again when my SIL came to promote biskut raya...alahai..after that Hadi's baby sitter came to do the laundry. Terencat lagi program nak qada' tido huhuhu.

I decided that since the baby sitter is around, may be we should attack the rooms upstairs! My three power rangers' rooms semuanya tunggang langgang. The other one used as a store lagiii laaa...macam rumah tak berpenghuni! We started at around 11.30 am and finished out chores by 1 pm. Legaaa...! Baru la nampak bilik anak2 kemas lepas kena mop and rearranged all the furnitures. Baru nampak macam rumah berpenghuni dan tak la malu kalau ada tetamu tiba2 datang berkunjung hehehe. Baby sitter Hadi also did all the ironing for one whole week baju sekolah for the children... by 5 pm mokcik can feel my head started to feel so heavy...gotta got some sleep. Pejam celik pejam celik, by maghrib, it's time to go back to Putrajaya oredi..

Mokcik reached home in Putrajaya around 11.30 pm. By then, really feel so sleepy...slept like a log till 6 am. I guess, the qada' tidur part is still not sufficient coz mokcik still feel sleep deprived...hehehe..

Back at the office doing work. Feeling much better and more productive though. Weekend korang macammana?


  1. mokcik, kalu stress tu, maknanya kena buat gila-gila skit, kasik kureng stress :)

  2. mok cik azwa..teruskan kerja dulu,..malam nati..sambong tidur..

  3. Mokcik...kesibukan membuatkan mokcik penat...letih...rehatlah

    Weekend kak anie kat rumah mertua...ada kenduri

  4. oh mokcik, baca aje pun dah rasa sangat stress. Anyhow, take a good care of yurself. kalau sakit ke pengsan, kita jugak yang susah. kerja pejabat emmang sampai mati tak habis but berpada padalah...

  5. mokcik

    biru mato pB pagi pagi nieee

  6. klu zue brada di tmpt mokcik x tahulah...nmpak mcm x daya byk sgt travel.

  7. Maksu,

    tu yang sempat menyelit pi tengok wayang tu...reda sekejap tensen. tapi lepas tu lagggiii tensen sebab bila bersama pegawai2 dalam unit mokcik yg masih remaja2 tu...teringat plak pada anak2 mokcik...arghhhh...

  8. Kak Erna,

    betul la kak..bila kurang tido..w/pun kita qada' tido tu tapi lama juga kepala ni jadi betul semula huhu

  9. Kak anie,

    seronok jumpa family kan kak..

    stress kerja tu boleh ku handle...stress berjauhan dgn family yg buat mokcik tensen...huhu

  10. Zar,

    Tu la pasal. kita ni dikerah kerja kerja kerja. bila sakit senang2 sajork kena campak ke mana2 sebab tak perform katanya...

  11. PB,

    kot menurun kat baby tu comel jugak bermata biru..tak payah pakai kanta lekap hehhe

  12. Zue,

    unit baru mokcik ni mokcik lebih banyak buat management. setakat ni kurang la berjalan mcm kat unit lama. tapi mokcik suka travelling hehehe...kurang tensen mcm dok terperap kat opis nie...