Thursday, February 23, 2012


Salam kenkawan 

Perusing through the net and saw these...which i thought are quite interesting. So here goes...

Wah ingatkan tidur selama 7 jam dah mencukupi..tak cukup ker?? hehehe

Bestnya dorang ni kan?? Tapi betul ker??

Dont play play yaa.. jangan bercukur sesuka might cost you a lot...this happened to Maryland swimming team

" That's right, improper shaving. Not shaving points mind you, but shaving of body hair. And, as it turns out, if the unnamed player implicated had only shaved a couple hours earlier, she and her teammates would still have their county title.

As reported by a number of Maryland news outlets, the Baltimore Sun and Annapolis Capital among them, the Broadneck (Md.) High girls swimming squad lost its Anne Arundel County title after it was determined that one of the team's swimmers shaved on-site just before the start of the event. National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules for swimming, diving and water polo stipulate that athletes can not shave before, during or after a meet once a team is on-site.

The reason why the NFHS institutes a no shaving on-site policy is to protect the swimmers themselves from possible blood transmission or, in general, doing full body shaves in high school locker rooms, which would maximize the possibility of unsafe practices like sharing razors. Still, the rule can seem quite a bit over the top when one considers generally acceptable practices for other sports; after all, no one is telling football or basketball players that they can't shave after a game or practice."

Ayoo.. keranamu si pisau cukur huhuhu...

Ok itu sahajalah  utk sessi perkongsian hari ini hehehe..Mokcik keletihan selepas berhempas pulas di Mahkamah pagi nak fikirkan yang ringan2 jer petang ni, tak nak stress..

Have a nice day all..


  1. Replies
    1. ada jugak logiknya larangan bercukur tu kan hehehe

  2. Ikut chart Kakak kena 7h8m ke? hihi... kadang terlebih kadang terkurang adalah...

    Bab bercukur pulak nak senyum pun ada gak. Tapi macam masuk akal juga kan - ada logiknya tu.

    1. Salam Kakzakie.. a'a..sebab tu kita dianjurkan bersederhana kan hehehe

      betul tu..ada juga kebenarannya pasal larangan bercukur tu..tapi yg peliknya camna dorang tahu? dorang pasang cctv ker hehehe

  3. assalam azwa..berhmpas pulas/ memang teruk bunyinya tu..rehatkan badan dan minda..nanti sambung balik ye..he he

    1. hehhe kak erna.. memang letih kak..terus takde idea nak memblog..tu yg tepek jer berita2 dari google nie hehehe

  4. bila x cukup tido,mulalah nak mengaruk jer