Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dear all...

Mokcik got a fright when Mokcik received the above phone call from my second boss. What?? Gave lecture? And the topic is.."Misfeasance in Public Office". My God! Thus, am forced to sit and read these books to gain knowledge in order to enable me to give this lecture sob sob sob.....

I'll be back later....meanwhile, have anice day all..sob sob sob.


  1. ok start baca sekarang... saya di minta sediakan soalan peperiksaan sampai sekarang belum bermula hehe

  2. Zar,

    Tengkiu...i can do it..i can do it..huhuhu

  3. Zino,

    ok setkan minda untuk menelaah sekarang...sebelum tu ronda2 blog dulu hehehe

  4. sibuk benor demo sekarang nie

    insyaallah , Azwa boleh berjaayaaa

  5. PB... huhhuhu...tengkiu..insyaAllah...huhuhu

  6. Good luck mok cik..akak yakin mok cik boleh..

  7. Mokcik, If not for this 'Law of Torts' and having to learn Latin I would have gone on to become a Lawyer....get called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn in UK.
    Also I wanted to become a criminal Lawyer, bang tables buat wayang...
    Semua ni influenced by Hollywood, ha ha.

    I believe there's one Richard Khoo, one time criminal lawer, I studied with him for awhile. He went on, saya chabut! now maybe retired, Mr Selvarasen, as well a Mr Vincent Lai of Singapore, Advocate and Solicitors...all encouraged me....but I had enough of memorizing, referring and reading so many books sampai lintang pukang, kena ulut minyak chap kapak!

    And habis cherita I got sidelined or distracted by well filled sarong kebayas worn by SYTs!
    Otherwise today maybe you and I lawan in court, you defence, saya prosecuting council....begitu you bang meja your side, saya buat wayang with the jury, arhaaa ha ha.

    As long you don't wear sarong kebaya buat saya lupa what to say, tentu menang case. Ha ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  8. selamat petang! hahahhaha..wahhhh..bagi lecturer gitu mesti best nih. saya pon suka baca pasal undang2 tort ni sebab kita boleh tau perkara2 kecik yang pada kita tak melindungi tapi sebenarnya penting... saja la untuk pengetahuan sendiri jee..

  9. Hello Lee,

    Alas the names that you mentioned are not familiar. They must be very senior lawyer by now. Wow, so if you had proceeded to read law, you might now be one of Malaysia's prominent lawyer ahaha... not much time to go after SYTs though hahaha. Glad you decided to do business instead, nanti susah lah lawyer lain mau cari makan haahaha

    Oh tapi at least we know now that to distract your attention then may be we can ask one of our beautiful counsel to appear in court wearing batik sarong kebaya...hahaha

    have a nice day Lee

  10. Leeya,

    baguslah membaca utk pengetahuan am sendiri kan.. sekurang2nya taklah mudah nak kena kelentong dengan orang. Suka semangat macam tu you..

    mokcik ni dari segi pengetahuan tu masih banyak lagi kurang huhuhu..tu yg kena studi lagi ni huhuhu...wish me luck