Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Assalamualaikum semua..

1. "I like you lahh"

Minggu lepas ada meeting dengan bos. Bos tegur seseorang kerana emel yang dihantar tidak jelas katanya. "Confusing you know." Seseorang itu menjawab, " Sorry bos. Memang salah saya. Mungkin perkataan yang saya gunakan itu tidak menepati maksud. Nanti saya improvekan bos." Semua orang gelak...termasuk bos juga. " I like you lahhh.."

Moral of the story: The boss is always right, even when he is wrong...hehehe

2. "I dont like you"

Bos tanya, "Ada sesiapa dalam bilik ini yang tidak sependapat dengan pemahaman saya tentang emel itu?". Ada seseorang menjawab, " i thought the email was very clear..." . Bos jawab.."aiyahhh...i dont like you laa..." Disambut gelak ketawa.

Moral of the story: The boss is still right, even if you are right.

3. Let bygone be bygone

Bos tanya sama ada kami ada nama yang sesuai untuk dicadangkan menyertai team kami. One name came to my mind. I mentioned her. Boss seems okay, tapi kena melalui prosedur yang ditetapkan. Then i sms-ed the owner of the name whether she is still interested. She sounded so grateful that i still seem to remember her name and told me she actually wants to go out of her present place, badly. As soon as possible will be best.

Mokcik citerkan kejadian ini pada kawan. Sebaik sajork dia dengar nama yang mokcik maksudkan, " Puan masih nak tolong dia lepas apa yang berlaku sebelum nie?". "I bukan jenis yang menyimpan dendam...we were friends before those things happened."

Moral of the story: I am still learning. I read this thru email ... " jangan biarkan kesalahan yang sedikit menyebabkan persahabatan yang besar menjadi musnah". Masa muda2 dulu, mokcik kuat juga menyimpan dendam kat orang2 yang pernah menyakitkan hati mokcik. But then i got older and a bit wiser perhaps huhuhu...i noticed that when we actually forgive and forget, like a big burden being lifted off our shoulders.

If she indeed got transferred from 'that' place and it makes her happy, at least it will be like a repayment for all the good things she has done to me before 'the small misunderstanding' comes between us. But all those are forgotten now and am glad we are on talking terms again.

4. Distance makes the heart grows fonder

Terima panggilan telefon dari rakan di Melaka. Dia juga weekend wife macam mokcik. Cumanya dia dengan seorang bayi, husband dengan anak sulung. "Macam ni la nasib kita kan. Setiap minggu berulang alik. Tapi ada juga hikmahnya betul tak? Terasa lebih dimanjakan oleh cik abang berbanding sebelum nie...hahahaha."

Ye la...jumpa pun hujung minggu sajork. Takde masa nak gaduh2...buang masa. Baik bergaduh kat ooopsss....toooootttt....hahahaha.

Moral of the story: Be thankful of what you have with you now. Dont wait until its gone, baru terhegeh2 nak mengenang segala kebaikan dan pengorbanan sidia.

Ok folks...cepat siapkan kerja masing2...jap lagik nak balik nak pi pasar malam yeay..yeay...


  1. Hello Mokcik Azwa, I love women with a lively sense of humour. Love your posting.
    Before I go on, yes...we can get engaged, ha ha, I mean you can link to me.
    Go ahead, make my day. You honour me. Terima kaseh seribu.
    How you ahemm, discovered my pondok? Yellow pages? Ha ha.

    I regret I am not able to comment in bahasa sebab bahasa saya sebelum Merdeka, saya takut nanti silap get mistaken for a marriage proposal, itu la lecheh sikit, kan? Ha ha.
    But I can understand about 34%......

    And yes, the Boss is always right. Unless you keen to get transfered to Gua Musang or Changlun then Boss is right.

    You have a nice day, stay young and keep a song in your heart. Bila senang datang minum kopi, ya?
    Best regards, Lee.
    ps, I would like it if you call me 'Lee' unless you below 18, belum kawain. Ha ha.

  2. azwa

    moral of the story...

    The boss is still right, even if you are not wrong.. hehehhe

    wah bila boleh dating ni? Zar skrg sll berada di Putrajaya..

  3. azwa, let bygone be bygone, dulu ummi pun suka jugak simpan dendam, tapi bila dah tua-tua ni, ummi lebih selalu mengalah, kalau sapa-sapa tu tak cakap ummi yang akan bercakap dengannya

    sometime, bila kita buat macamana tu ada jugak yang ambil kesempatan, i also dont know how to act sometime, patut jadi baik atau jadi monster

    betul cakap azwa, bila berjauhan baru terasa kerinduan, bila depan mata geram memanjang ada aje yang tak kena pada hati :)

  4. saya suka berkawan, tapi kawan kurang. hehehhee...

  5. Hello uncle...ooopsss...Lee..

    Thank you for dropping by. i have been a silent reader of your blogs for a few years, thanks to Zareda. Whenever i drop by her pondok, i'll never miss the opportunity to wander into your beautiful pondok hehehe..well, being a silent reader need no permission kan.

    I really enjoyed reading all your postings..especially the one about you helping to find her real mother in Sabah. It's only when i finished reading the posting about yvonne, i finally made up my mind ( well u know how women cant seem to make up their mind kan...hehehe) that i must add a link of your blog in my own humble pondok. To do that one must get permission first rite...out of courtesy la.

    Dont worry about your bahasa.. i kinda like it, reminds me of the P.Ramlee's films hehehe, and your trademark terima kasih seribu is sooo cute n original.

    Happy Chinese New Year Lee. Terima kasih seribu for dropping by..

  6. Zar,

    Ha..bila datang putrajaya tu koling2 la beforehand...bleh kita buat plan untuk berdating..

  7. Ummi,

    Kawan yang suka ambil kesempatan memang ada di mana2 kannss...kepada orang semacam ini, tunjuk jer taring kita. sekali takper kuts, jgn kena kedua kali.

    yup...selalu berjauhan bertambah menghargai apa yang kita ada. bila berdekatan selalu nampak yang silappp sajorkkk hahaha

  8. Cik saya,

    sama la kita...tapi takper. kualiti lebih penting dari kuantiti..biar kurang kawan, asalkan mereka itu memang benar2 kawan sejati.

  9. Hello Mokcik Azwa, Hey....you been secretly reading my blog cheritas few years? Patut la saya malam nak tidur dapat wangi, the scent of a woman, ha ha.
    But I can tell you, bahasa saya nowdays improving from reading not only your blog but others like Zareda's....only thing is you all buat saya lintang pukang with your short cut bahasa.

    Only today I read a lady's blog, "meh sini jap....".
    Ha ha, and I'm wondering how 'mari' now da boleh jadi "meh". And 'sekajap' da la short cut, "jap". Ha ha ha. Thought 'jap' for Jepun, ha ha.
    Terok la, if bila saya balek kampong....macham going to a strangs country with new language, ha ha.
    But you know, one time I could speak Malay with a slight Trengganu accent....reason being I went there every dua minggu on business, and ahemmm, dated a couple of lovely Trengganu maidens too, this way learn bahasa quicker, ha ha.
    You have a nice day, stay young, simpan satu lagu dalam hati, Lee.

  10. Hi Mokcik, I just remembered, as you have read several of my postings, kalau you got nothing better to do, check out my cherita, "A Faded letter from the past"....d/d 1/4/08. In my archives at beginning.

    It is THE longest posting I have ever posted. 19 episodes, took 3 weeks to conclude...about how an old, faded letter found me here after more than 30 years....a letter with only my name, no address.
    Its a story of a lovely lady and a man half her age.
    Best regards, lee.